But not just any water. It’s filtered to remove all bacteria, salts and pathogens.

Grain Alcohol
Is a purified form of ethyl alcohol made from the distillation of fermented grain. This helps to kill bacteria, reduce odour and preserve our product.

Made from vegetable stock this secret ingredient kills bacteria and neutralizes odours caused by perspiration. 

Witch Hazel
It’s soothing for the skin along with having astringent properties (it makes your skin less oily). 

Vegetable glycerin
Hydrates the outer layer of the skin and improves skin barrier function. 

Coco Glucoside
A gentle and compatible cleansing agent made from coconut oil and fruit sugar. It’s GMO free and doesn't contain any sulfates or parabens. 

A stabilizing and dispersing agent. 

Chamomile Extract
It has extreme soothing and anti-inflammatory properties while minimizing redness and evening skin complexion.

Citric Acid
Naturally occurring in fruits this helps to preserve and stabilize our product. 

Radish Root Ferment
Derived from radishes fermented with a type of kimchi bacteria that produces antimicrobial peptides. These peptides also provide skin moisturizing benefits.

Essential oil blend
A proprietary blend of essential oils to create our unique, signature scents. 

Fragrance oil blend
A selection of natural fragrance oils which are phthalate free. Natural fragrances are essential oils and isolates, and not a result of synthetic chemistry.