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Body Essentials

Why a spray deodorant and not a stick?

We often found conventional stick deodorant left white residue and yellow stains on our clothing, and caused skin irritation. So, we built our spray deodorant with efficiency, cleanliness and feel at the forefront.

Our deodorant dries quickly and leaves your clothing looking fresh. We don't use any aerosols, baking soda or irritant ingredients so it's compatible with all skin types and keeps you smelling great all day.

How much and how often should I apply your deodorant?

Generally, one or two sprays per pit will suffice. We recommend applying in the morning, post workout or whenever you need to freshen up. Our formula is subtle, masculine and never overpowering or cloudy like other sprays.

Does it pass the workout test?

Yes, we tested it with everyone from the crossfit warrior to the weekend champion and have had positive results.

What's the difference between a deodorant and antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant uses aluminum to prevent you from sweating. As a result, it acts as a plug on your body's sweat ducts and prevents you from releasing other by-products of sweat. Deodorant works by reducing and neutralizing odours associated with sweat - which is a healthy bodily function.

How long does it take to adjust to your deodorant?

While it can take your body up to two weeks to purge or detox from your old products, the adjustment process is very person dependent. Most people have no issues after making the switch.

What does switching to natural deodorant feel like? 

After two weeks of use, our Natural Deodorant will feel cleaner, simpler and sexier than traditional deodorants. By using our Natural Deodorant, you're bringing sexy back to your pits.

We recommend you use it for two weeks because that is the amount of time your body will require to purge itself of the aluminum and other chemicals that remain under your arm after you make the switch.

Does your moisturizer perform?

Hell yes, it does. We designed it with the purpose to maximize your skin's hydration and nourishment. Our Moisturizer heals dry patches, offsets environmental damage and restores skin's moisture. No more dry and cracked skin patches (elbows, knees, hands and heels), calluses and skin irritations.

How does your moisturizer feel?

Our light-weight cream is whipped to perfection and our fast acting formula leaves your skin feeling soft and repaired.

Do your Body Essentials have any harmful ingredients?

Hell, no. We only use natural ingredients in our formulations. Only the best ingredients the planet has to offer will touch your skin. This means no harmful parabens, sulfates, aluminums or talc powder are used, ever.

Staying true to natural formulas is extremely important to use, especially when it comes to our scents. To infuse our unique sexy scents, we use a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils derived directly from the source.

And so you don't smell like you just walked out of a cologne store after trying all the samples available, check out our Body Essentials collections.

Face Essentials

When should I use your products?

We recommend twice daily to get the best performance out of our products. It's up to you where this falls in your routine - morning, day or night.

Does Skin Essentials work on all skin types?

Yes, our top skincare experts formulated our products for men with all skin types in mind. We use 100% natural ingredients, we're lab tested and made in Canada.

Can I use other skincare products with yours?

Yes, our formulas are designed to work well with others. Skin Essentials should be our go-to for everyday great skin. If you have a specific skin condition, we suggest you consult your dermatologist and try products specialized in treating those concerns.

How does it work if I enrolled on a subscription?

Once you've signed up, we handle it from there. We'll ship a 60 day supply within a week. We mark the calendar and will restock you every 2 months. Upon renewal, you will receive an order confirmation via email and see a charge on your card shortly after. You'll only ever be charged when your order has been shipped and you'll never have to worry about running out of daily Skin Essentials.

Is it hard to modify my subscription?

No. You hold the power to make changes to your subscription by logging into your account. You can pause, skip or modify shipping dates up to 90 days. But don't wait too long, we don't want you to run out of the goods. Or if you wish, you can even cancel your subscription. We hope you feel, look and smell great after using our Skin Essentials but if you're feeling otherwise it's easy to cancel online.


Will Honr. make me sexier?

Asking for a friend.

Tell your 'friend' that we can't guarantee Honr. will make you sexier or more attractive to your target audience. That would be irresponsible. But we can guarantee that Honr. will make your skin look its best and your pits smell sexy. And when you look good, smell good and feel good. You are sexy.

What does natural really mean?

We only us the absolute best of what mother nature has to offer. All of our ingredients are derived from a natural source and minimally processed. We strive to avoid synthetic ingredients and focus on using plants, fruits, leaf and root extracts.

How safe are your products?

Our scientists use a no BS approach when formulating products that are good for you. We are lab tested and 100% safe. This means our products are shelf stable, effective through extremely temperatures and safe for all skin types. We're free of sulfates, parabens and other harmful ingredients. No harmful impact on you or the environment.

Are your products vegan?

Absolutely. All of our products are vegan approved. We're currently going through the certification process now. It's a long and lengthy process, but worth it.

Do you test any of your products on animals?

No, we never test on animals.

Can I travel with your products?

Yes, having the essentials while jet setting is a must. We made sure our bottles were 100 ml or less to make airport security a breeze.


Where do you ship?

Canada and the United States. Standard shipping rates apply in both countries.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

We do. It takes an extra 5-7 days to get there.

Do you offer free shipping?

You get free shipping on all box sets or if you spend over $75 after any discounts are applied. Our cart will automatically tell you when you qualify for free shipping.

How long will it take to get my order?

New orders are processed immediately and your first shipment will leave our warehouse within 1 - 2 days. Your package should arrive within the week. We'll keep you posted every step of the way.

Can I return Products?

If you're not happy with your products, we want to help. Check out our Return Policy and/or contact our world class customer service team and let us do something special, just for you.


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