Re-fill Starter Kit


If you’re new to the Honr. family let's start small! You have the option to test the waters with our Re-fill Starter Kit. Less product, less cost but same healthy, luxury formulations your customers will fall in love with. 

What's included

1,800 ml Exfoliating Cleanser (18 fills @ 100ml bottle)

  • A fresh gel-based cleanser that gently reveals healthy and youthful skin, without stripping natural oils.
  • Bonus 5 empty, labelled 100ml Cleanse bottles 

900 ml Refreshing Toner (18 fills @ 50ml bottle)

  • A gentle, alcohol-free blend of vitamins and botanicals create a youthful, bright and balanced complexion.
  • Bonus 5 empty, labelled 50ml Tone bottles 

540 ml Hydrating Serum (18 fills @ 30ml bottles)

  • A complex blend of hydrating ingredients that replenish, protect and rejuvenate skin. The ultimate non-greasy, bright and healthy finish.
  • Bonus 5 empty, labelled 30ml Hydrate bottles

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